More people have seen my vagina than Mount Everest
…the Grand Canyon
… the Movie Titanic
…mugshots of Lindsay Lohan
…fake Santas
…their own face in the mirror
…licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop
…reality shows
…how many people have claimed to have invented the internet, including Al Gore
…how many people have had their children baptized, regardless of the fact they don’t believe in God.
…how many people hit the breaks when they see a cop car, even when they are allready doing the speed limit
…how many people have exercise equipment in the basement that they never use
…how many women wipe front to back
…how many people do the walk of shame on any given morning
…howmany people pick their nose and then do not dispose of the results appropriately
…how many people realize at some point that they truly do not like their children
… how many people emphatically tell you they like your new hair cut, in the hopes that you will continue to looks like a retard, thereby making themselves look more attractive in comparison
…how many people blow the most atrocious smelling farts, and even though you heard their butt vibration, and there are only the two of you in the car, they will look at you in innocent disgust and ask, “What is that smell?”

I think you get the point.

A lot of people have seen my vagina….


et cetera