{April 17, 2013}   Stick with me on this one…


If you read the following post you are stating that you are aware of my diagnosis of ADD, and Bipolar, and you are aware that I am completely out of control manic right now, so Im sure it will be random, cuz thats what is going on in my head.

I just finished painting two walls in my much anticipated “Alone Room”…

I suck at painting, according to various reliable sources.

Painting Tips

1. “Cutting in” is not necessary, and in truth is mechanical and stops the flow of true creativity. I have learned that the edge of the prior wall color acts as a frame for your masterpeice.

2. Dont get upset when your significant other goes ballistic about all the paint stains on the new carpet. Try “Grandma’s Secret Stain Remover”. (Not made by my Grandma, probaly not made by anyones Grandma. Probably made by the underpaid and sexually harassed assistant of some man that has B.O.)

3. Do not paint in a well ventilated area. Close all the doors and windows. Feel free to add an ocillating fan, however. Turns the fumes into a breeze of LSD flashbacks. (Say no to drugs…)

4. There is no need for a second coat. Consider the shading and crevices as a faux painting effect that you invented all by youself. Truly beautiful.

5. Take your time. This is not a race, unlike masturbating in you car in the parking lot at Kohls. Chances are someone is going to park next to you, and that, my friends is a bummer. Now I park next door at the used CD resale shop. No one ever parks there, trust me.

6. Dont be upset if you choose the wrong color paint, and your boudoir turns into PeeWees Playhouse. Buy a few pillows from Pier 1 (another excellent parking lot), and pretend you meant to do it and critical visitors have no understanding of abstact art and satire. The Marilyn Monroe clock can still be returned to Walmart. But the Zebra print fur you bought to make into a loveseat slipcover? Just go with it, and remember if PeeWee was still on TV in 2013, Chair-y would have definately been upgraded since animal prints are all the rage in pre-teen bedroom acrosss the country.

one more thing… If you find yourself rolling the paint roller across the wall with out paint on it, thats cool too. Its called practice.

BTW… I got the stain remover at ACE hardware, even if I am still pissed that the smelly overpaid Jackass took all the credit.


Stefan says:

I hope you are doing better today. You sure have gone truohgh a lot this week. I don’t know why kids take up for their dads. As you know mine did also. The last aim conversation sounded like him. I hope your husband tells them to be supportive. That’s is all we need to be understood and love shown to us. It helps immensely. Why people don’t study up on our condition or they just get frustrated I don’t get. At least he sounds not to abuse you and call you names. Let God guide you give it all over to him. He knows what you are going truohgh. Forgive all those that have wounded you. Ask him to help you he will answer. Once you get stabilized you will be better too. You are going truohgh a lot right now. You are wounded and feeling abandoned. I know where you are because you know I have been there. I started to stabilize when I stopped taking abuse over the internet. I forgave everyone if my life for wounding me. I know I did not deserve what happened, but, it happened anyway.If you haven’t heard now there will probally be war in Lebanon. I guess God wanted me out before it happened. Now I will trust him to protect my family over there. It does not look good.Hang in there you are doing better than you think you have your BFF. She really understands and supports you and you have me and others that read your blog. Everyone has trials in life that will make us stronger if we give it to God to handle. We just have more because of our illnesses. You go girl!

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