{April 15, 2013}   “She’s Gay”

Picture this… Your having lunch with your coworker, and she says the following…

“So I went to get my nails done the other day with Laura, she’s gay. Anyway, we went to this new salon. You should try it out.

Let’s try a few others…

She has a hammer toe,
She snores,
She grows vidalia onions,
She was born in Nebraska,
Her first car was a Mercury Topaz,
She likes Starbucks,
She has a mole behind her right ear,

Why do we have to say “she’s gay”, or “he’s black” for that matter? Why do we have to say, “she’s a democrat”? (Just kidding, I know that last one is worth pointing out). “She’s bipolar”? The above is what I call “passive prejudice”.

In some conversations its appropriate, I guess.  But let’s all be a little more careful choosing the verbage and context. I’m just saying…

Show some RESPECT to your brothers and sisters. Cuz that’s what we all are…. FAMILY

I love you all, regardless of the color of your skin, who you love, who you worship, what is your mental or physical condition, or who you vote for.

But really… Democrat????? Really????


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