{April 14, 2013}   Things that make you go hmmmm….

I took my dog to the groomer today and he looks worse than he did when I dropped him off…

I’m disgusted with my husband. I don’t even want to look at him, but I’m definitely in the mood for a horizontal mambo…

I spent the last ten years wishing my son and I could communicate. Now I can’t find ear plugs strong enough to drown him out…

I would love to have another baby. But I wish there was no jail time involved in dropping my current three off at the fire station…

Yesterday was the day of my fathers birth. I was hoping it was going to be the day of his death. (Lord forgive me).

I told my husband I wanted to turn the office into a room just for me, to have some alone time.¬† He is all of a sudden working hard on it, “because he wants me to be happy”.



Raeyn says:

I’d kill for an alone room. British houses are very small by this Texan girl’s standards. ><

I’m willing to trade… and I hate moving… but I guess I could make it work…

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