{April 8, 2013}   My husband…

My husband very rarely does anything around here. Granted, he works hard and long, and I am grateful for everything he does to provide for our family. And I love being a stay at home mom. In all reality, I just love being a mom in general.

But when its time for dinner, I cook.  When its bath time, I start the water, test the temp, and pour in the bubble bath with whatever cartoon character is currently popular on the front.

When the tears flow, I kiss owies and calm fears. And I always stand at the bottom of the slide to catch you on your way down.

When its time for homework I read about Columbus and help grow bacteria in petri dishes.  If your having a hard time with math, instead of giving you a little lost puppy face, I will happily type “how to do fractions” in the internet search field.

I zip up coats, pack lunch boxes, and sign field trip forms. I have hand sanitizer in my purse and wet wipes in my car. I always check to see if your shoes are on the right feet BEFORE I check to see if mine are.

My husband rarely does any of this.

So tonight, I’m tired. I tell my daughter that daddy is putting her to bed tonight. I lay there, and across the hall I hear him reading her a story.

I relax back into my pillow, jealous Cuz he stole my job.


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