{April 7, 2013}   I can’t believe it…

I did it. I actually made an almost 2 hr drive to visit my best friend, and the thought of turning around and going back home didn’t cross my mind once. I didn’t obsess all day about what lame excuse I could come up with for blowing her off once again. I had the best time. We laughed and cried and laughed again.  We have some sort of timeless bond. When we are together after a year of not even hearing the sound of each others voice, its like we were never apart. Although there is a lot to talk about, to catch up. I think we only skimmed the surface last night. When it was bedtime, I couldn’t believe the night went by so quickly.

She fell asleep mid sentence, which was pretty funny Cuz I thought she was just deep in thought, carefully choosing her next words.

Then she started snoring. I couldnt tell if a lumberjack had taken her place while I wasn’t looking, or maybe it was Ving  Raymes with a bad case of the flu. Or better yet, a Sasquatch whose been on a week long bender drinking strawberry hill flavored wild turkey.

Anyway it was an awesome much needed break. But alas, I can’t stay normal long. I’m already convincing myself that going back again soon will ruin it, cheapen it somehow.

Self sabotage….. priceless….


marchfree says:

Awesome! Nothing can ruin it. It’s a complete experience and has some touching, funny moments to boot. Lovely post.

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