{April 6, 2013}   I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up…

I asked my husband the other day if he felt like an adult. He looked at me like I was crazy, which makes sense, Cuz I am… Then I slapped my own forehead, thinking, I am such a dumbass for asking HIM. He was a fourty year old, prematurely pooping in his pants when he was born.

I’m 35 or 36, I have three children, a mortgage , gray hairs and crows feet. But I do not feel like an adult.

I make dumb jokes. I mean really dumb 12 year old jokes, and think I’m hilarious. I would much rather play with a remote control car, or play fashion show than talk about the latest fashions with my annoying adult neighbor. I think I should get paid for erecting a Barbie Lego mansion than going to a stuffy adult job. (For the record, Barbie Mansions are HARD WORK).

I’ll take a Scooby Doo push pop over Ben and Jerry’s any day. I know the words to Finding Nemo by heart, as my family will readily attest to.

I don’t go to Bath and Body Works. When I want a sweet smelling bubble bath I use Mr. Bubble. (Plus there is WAYto much going on in that store and i cant hang. Where is that red exit sign????).  I have a High School Musical music CD in my car and I love it.

My fave food is Kraft Mac n cheese. I like to blow bubbles and always keep some handy. I paint stars on my fingernails. Chocolate milk? Like manna from Heaven. If my husband would agree, I would have a pretty pink princess canopy bed.

I loved icarly. If you know the dumbass that canceled that show, let me know. And I really love kids. (Not in the creepy pedophile way…) but I would much rather play in the backyard with the kids than hang out inside with their stuffy adult parents.

I love this silly, immature, carefree girl, that is unfortunately only one of my many personalities. I think I’ll keep her around.

I’m a Toys R Us kid.


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