{April 6, 2013}   Here I sit, broken hearted…

Tried to sleep, but only…. I can’t think of anything that rhymes here besides the obvious.

Anyway, its 2:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. And I’ve taken every pill known to man, still, no cigar.

You remember my best friend I told you about? Well I finally worked up the nerve to go visit tomorrow, or today I guess. I’m just really worried now. I’m scared of I don’t sleep I’ll flake out, like I always do.

I am fun.
When I love you, I make sure you know. And I love you like crazy.
I’m a great mom. Super great.
I make a mean carrot cake.
When I laugh, you have to laugh, just Cuz my laugh is infectious.
I bloom in the sunshine.
I’m a good swimmer.
I am nice to almost everyone, even when I don’t want to be.
If you ask me if you look good in an outfit and you don’t, I’ll tell you the truth.
I can laugh at myself.
I can take a joke.
I help support the economy by shopping as often as time allows.
If I see a man on the side of the road holding a sign, I might not give him money, but I will come back to give him coffee and a sandwich.
if a child comes toy door selling something I buy it. I don’t care how much, or what it is. I will never turn a fundraising kid away without a sale. And my family knows the protocol to follow if I am not there.

I decided to write some good things about myself for a change. Although now I’m thinking “bloom in the sun”??? That was super lame….


I wish I could try that carrot cake! I used to bake, when I remembered how to turn the oven on..:P

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