{April 5, 2013}   Walking on sunshine, yeah, and don’t it feel good!

Well, I’m not walking on sunshine. Yet. But I fell it coming. I’m on what I call an upswing… I hope.

Last night I had a dream that some brigands broke into my room to kidnap/rescue me. Apparently I am an extremely valued Princess in their far away kingdom, and I have been hidden here in this small Midwestern town until it was safe enough for me to return to rule over my people.

The leader of this group of virile, angry, men, never tells me his name. But I’ll just say it, he’s hot. He’s always sneaking these heated stolen glances at me, even as we are fighting for our live to escape my captors. Hmmmm, I know that look.  I decide to test my theory and I approach him. As I get closer he senses my intentions and gives me a scathing look, full of disgust. But I am undeterred. As I cross the final few feet into his space that smells like sweat and leather, I wake up.

Shit. Oh well, maybe there was some intergalactic battle taking place and they needed to seek wisdom for holographic Yoda. They’ll be back. I’ll be ready. Maybe the red corset from Fredericks I’ve never worn? I hope its not too uncomfortable to sleep in… I’ll have to think this over…


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