{March 31, 2013}   Castaway…

Tom Hanks plane went down, and he found himself alone on a deserted island. He had no food, water, sunscreen, or survival skills. No dentist in sight either (shudder). But not one of those things is what actually brought him so close to death.
We were not meant to be alone. The ability to connect to one another, to form relationships, that is what feeds us. That is what allows our spirit to survive, even under the harshest of conditions.
Enter Wilson… Wilson is supportive, an excellent listener, with a heart for forgiveness. His only flaw is that he has no limbs, so he cannot help with spear fishing or food gathering, or tooth extraction. But Tom looks past all that. Wilson fills the gaping painful hole in Toms heart, and for that feat alone he is loved.
Unfortunately, Wilson is taken away by a mistake, a current, a moment that can not be fixed or understood. Toms heart breaks, and throbs and the hole in his soul returns, bigger and more painful than ever before.
But that is the way of this life. A constant stream of pain, and loneliness. A hole in our soul. Empty.

Enter Jesus. I am not going to wax poetic. Or preach. I’ll just say this. Bidden or not bidden, God is present. He is there, right beside us, whether we want him there or not. He does not hold back his love because of our addictions, or failures. He is not asking you to stop drinking, whoring, gambling, or selling cars before you turn to him. He will take you as you are, no judgement, or to-do lists. And when you turn to him, he will fill that hole. He will never float away, if you decide to go swimming. He will help you fish, start fires, or just help you begin to heal from the holes poked in you throughout you past.

God works ALL things together for good, for those that love Him. Even the bad things.

He will never leave you. Ever.

And all He asks is for You to say, I know you’re there, and I’d like to have you tag along.

Who wants to be alone? He’ll be your Wilson, and so much more…

Happy Easter.


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