{March 30, 2013}   Ages 18 and over…

I take off my nightie as the fabric is uncomfortable against my skin. I’m feeling edgy, restless, needy. My hands take the place of the discarded fabric, and as I close my eyes, I begin to imagine them to be the hands of my lover, someone unknown to me, but someone who seems to know me. To hear my silent cries, and begins to answer them.
Your touch is pleasure and pain. Demanding. Forceful. As you seem to get bigger, stand taller, energized by the power you hold over me, I fall to my knees. As I bow my head, my secret smile emerges. I know the power has been mine all along. I allowed you to own it, for a time. But now, so easily, I pull it back. I touch you here, and that sound erupts from your lips. My mouth… You begin to shudder. I look into your eyes, and you know…
I take you up, and show you how bright the stars can be. I take you down, and roll your body through molten lava. I gather the light and the fire and hit you with it, with all the power within me, and you shatter. You shatter into a million pieces from the inside out, screaming my name. A name you will never, ever forget. As you begin to resurface, to remember to breathe, you reach for me. But I am gone…


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