{March 28, 2013}   Pissy as all hell…

I’m still in bed. This time not tired, but bored and irritated, so I’m watching my fave movies to pass the time. Total Recall at the moment. Next, Beautiful Mind I think…  The sounds of someone opening my bedroom door makes me hot, makes me want to scream in anger. So I hide here, to protect those I love. I will look back one day and mourn the days I lost with them due to this disorder. I never asked for this. There is no cure…. Still, I must hold myself responsible for my actions, and my words, regardless of my feelings, which I do not own. I do not claim them. They are forced upon me by some unknown, random, break in chemicals in my mind. This rollercoaster has no beginning, no end, it is infinite. As am I.


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