{March 27, 2013}   Red day…

I’m having a red day. I feel like I am going to explode. Tons of energy that can only be used negatively. I’ve never hurt anyone physically in my life. I don’t even spank my kids. But right now the best thing that could happen to me is to have an intruder enter my house so I could commit Justifiable Homicide with my bare hands.  Bring it on…


I know that feeling.My neighbours can trigger than me me with their revving cars doing donuts on the gravel driveway…their vile mouths and their loud crap music. I feel the rise…but I have never hurt anyone else in my life, never hit a wall.I simply let it simmer in me until i have too much energy and then have to do something like major cleaning fits. Today I cut my whole lawn with hedge clippers !!!

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