{March 26, 2013}   Rambling…

My 11 yr old daughter is on Spring Break.  I of course, am not…  She and my 4year old daughter fought all day nonstop.  I was thinking duct tape???I didnt eat anything until dinner, Hamburger Helper.  Thinking they should come out with Tasty Hamburger Helper, or Healthy Hamburger Helper, or just change the name to Loose Stools Hamburger Helper…

I am trying to lose weight, or maybe I should say, I am hoping to start trying to lose weight.  I lack motivation and follow through on a gynormous level. When I quit drinking, 20 pounds dropped off immediately.  Maybe I was hibernating?  Hmm..  Anyway still have twenty to lose.  Dilemma… I want to get a mastoplexy (breast lift), but my doc wont do it till I quit smoking. Im afraid if I quit smoking I’ll gain weight.  The should has cigarette rehab reality show. Bring is Brett Michaels, some Doctor Drew, maybe even a little Adam Sandler, for the occassional pick me up.  If should be on a beautiful beach, without seagulls, unless Im allowed to bring my shotgun.  Then I will share my Doritos all day long… oh yeah.  How about Ryan Reynolds, Colin Farell, and Channing Tatum as Cabana boys? yum.  I would invite Brad Pitt, but I am a little concerned about his current “look” and Im sure it would be difficult for him to get away from his 27 children.

I digress…

Anyway, my dedicated, git r done Husband came home from a long day of fighting crime and immediatly skipped downstairs to exercise.  P90X.  No joke….  Show off.  (Secretly, thats one of the reasons I made Hamburger Helper.  Take that fitness buff…)

 So, tonight make a menu, tommorow shop for healthy foods, and maybe a new pair of shoes???  I’ll let you know…


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