{March 26, 2013}   Help me people!

I’m stressing about my “about” page.  How do I describe myself when half the time I don’t know who I am? I don’t know which personality I’ve slipped into on any given day. I don’t know if my thoughts and feelings are really my own. At times, the past controls me completely and I become that little girl, that teenager, that young woman. Is that me in that moment? All of it added together makes me I guess… but still the question lies unanswered. Who am I?


marchfree says:

I know that feeling of complete, chaotic instability. It’s arresting. You are a writer at least, and strong enough to describe the changes too. I have great difficulty naming what happens in states like that, so I admire your ability to do it.

Ive been thinking about your comment all day. I just wanted to say thank you. It means a lot to me.

marchfree says:

no worry! it was kind of you to pass that on. Happy Easter (if you do Easter).

Yes! Finally someone writes about kamerzysta warszawa.

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