{March 26, 2013}   Crazy, Sexy, Make me Laugh, and I will return the favor!

Im doing this for myself, to over time learn how to manage my bipolar disorder, and find myself.
Not the self I was 20 years ago, or 20 years from now. Just me, in this moment. When Im manic I have done horrible things I wouldnt tell a soul. Depressive episodes include laying in bed in a dark room bombarded by feeling of guilt, shame, worthlessness. Caution: I have no filter between my head and my mouth, or keyboard as it were. So be careful reading the posts ahead. It might get out of control, on Red and Blue days.

Enough of the doomsday… I also find myself to be extremely funny (some people call me annoying but I think they probably have constipation or some other ailment…I carry suppositories in my purse for just those moments.)I laugh at commercials, I laugh when my daughter says something funny.  Shes four and too smart for her own good, just wait..

A little bit more info…Lost my mother, father, and brother in various circumstances, just in the past year. I also went through a horrible divorce proceeding which ended in reconciliation to the tune of $20K. Im going to claim it on my taxes, charitable donation. Icing on the cake… Recovering Alcoholic. Bipolar + Alcoholism = super good time, but sucky consequences.

Be angry with me.  Express your shock and outrage when I cross the line with my humor.  Learn from me, and allow me to learn from you.  Be real, be genuine, no holds barred, i only ask that we all repect each other.  No life gaurd on duty, swim at you own risk.


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